About Us

Delifrost is a Food Processor and Export  company located in Costa Rica ,Central America. Our mission and top priority over the years has being to contribute to a healthy lifestyle by  processing  safe and high quality IQF frozen fruits such as pineapple as our most popular fruit, mango and  papaya

Since we are an innovating company and want to create value we recently developed our “premium - gourmet” line of products, to enhance the experience of these tropical fruits.  (For more information click on products –gourmet). We are also developing other IQF fruits and vegetables products ( for more information click on  other products ).

To ensure the quality and food safety of our process, we are committed to accomplish our Quality Policy  throughout  our internal programs  and  procedures including  the Hazard Analysisand Critical Control Point (HACCP) , allowing us to have good manufacturing practices that  are verified and audited by  an independent company and making us  one of the few plants in Costa Rica to be  AIB CERTIFIED.

Today our products are being exported to countries like Chile, United States, Europe, Dubai. These are used not only as ingredients in the process of other retail products but also our gourmet IQF products have being well accepted by the most demanding clientele.


Our founder and General Manager, Dennis Wong has a wide experience over 35 years in the processing food industry.   His experience working with companies in Central America and USA and his personal input  has make him a pioneer in this industry and along with our committed working team , enroutes  Delifrost to be  the number one company of high quality and innovating  IQF products in Costa Rica.